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    My chronic back issues continue to be my biggest obstacle to spending time at the keyboard.

    I have tried 3 different “bench type” seats over the past year and adopted wearing an elastic back brace when I play.

    A couple months ago I ordered a Roc-n-Soc drum throne along with the optional back rest and guitar peg.


    Changing to this seat has been a great success and my playing time has easily tripled as a result.

    I tend to move quite a bit while playing and being able to swivel with no restrictions has benefited my playing along with the additional back support.

    The back rest itself has a spring to it that seems to contribute to the motion and emotion while playing. I am able to use the support or not without expending additional energy and force while making the transition.

    Just knowing the back support is there gives an added confidence while playing even when not being used.

    It’s hard to create and learn without a certain degree of physical comfort and at least for me, this seat delivers.



    Dennis Dooley

    Hi Ken,

    Ouch. It would seem to me that the most important pre-requisite to do anything is that it does not hurt, otherwise, I can’t see how it can be enjoyable.

    I am very forutnate that I am in good health. The few times in my life that I did have back pain is after working very hard physically, like shoveling gravel all weekend. I do remember that back pain is quite a handicap and that I have very little tolerance for being laid up for a few days at a time.

    It is an excellent thing that you have found a suitable seat to play piano more comfortably. So now you may turn into a real little Jerry Lee Lewis. 🙂


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