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Dear Future Piano Student,

When you follow the learning system of piano.social, you will be able to play several piano pieces very soon. It is a promise! You will be introduced to powerful playing methods which are the result of centuries long work of many world famous masters and their concepts. Most essential is extracted and it is just here for you. Among others, the methods originate from F. Chopin, F. Liszt, H. Neuhaus, Walter Gieseking, Karl Leimer, analysis of many active pianists and also cover contemporary research on the subject of piano playing, including knowledge from brain imaging, improvisation and human anatomy.

Imagine yourself learning together with a professional teacher and with many enthusiastic fellow students, who go through a similar journey with you. You can share so much with other interesting people and make friends. You never have to learn alone again and your dream of playing piano starts to come true very actively.

There is lots of proof that confirms that current methods work. Just watch the video on the right and have a look at the wonderful progress of student Milan. He is following the one year piano course for beginners.

The best time to join and start fulfilling your dream is now! Now is the only thing we ever have and postponing just takes away the opportunity. Make a decision and see your life change.

Best wishes,

Jaak Sikk, MA
Lecturer and PhD student of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Co-founder and co-owner of piano.social

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