Continue Your Piano Studies

At the end of the FULL ONE YEAR PROGRAM you will be able to confidently master any new classical piano piece on your own. The regular monthly price is $38 and you can pay with PayPal, credit cards or Credits ( currency).

During the 11 Month Follow-Up Course You Will:

a) learn 7 classical well-known pieces (incl. Bach prelude in C Major from WTC I and Für Elise by Beethoven) and aquire knowledge of chords and structure in classical pieces;

All of the pieces in the learning order:

1) J. S.Bach/C.Petzold – Menuet in G Major
2) P. Tchaikovsky – “Old French Song”
3) S. Prokofiev – “Morning” from “Music for Children”
4) J. Haydn – Menuet in F Major
5) J.S. Bach – Prelude in C Major WTC I
6) J. Sikk – “Variations”
7) L. van Beethoven – “Für Elise”

b) acquire the optimal way of playing the piano that has been discovered. Both finger and hand technique and their combining goes on. Your hands will be coworking, musical, expressive and relaxed. You will gain the ability to play different and already quite difficult pieces;

c) train and create motion habits that are suitable for natural musical expression and are in harmony with piano mechanism details and also with your own body. This will also develop your coordination abilities a lot;

d) learn how to practice and what to practice. It will spare your effort to the things that are important. There are easy methods how to increase the efficiency of practicing tremendously;

e) strengthen your contact with your inner self and increase self-expressive abilities. You will also acquire a better skill of concentrating;

f) develop your sight reading skills significantly;

g) master a memorizing system that is unbelievably efficient;

h) be able to learn new pieces on your own and have a basis to develop your skills further.

Curriculum for the whole course.