Level 0: Body Activation Course for Beginning Pianists

In this course you go through key elements of using your body efficiently. Using gravity for your benefit and achieving a physically free body are topics of the course. Special thinking techniques which enable to be apt to changes in use of your body are taught.

16 Lessons

The course consists of 16 easy, clear, short and intensive tasks which inspire you to acquire secrets of using your body through practical actions. With every task there are examples on how to apply the knowledge from piano pieces you can learn later.

Please note that much what is happening inside the human body while playing piano might not be visible easily. It is especially so in ‘playing with light hands’ video. Concentration and awareness of the subject will make this video more informative.

The overall very important suggestion about the tasks is the following: “Perform each task until you feel you have mastered it. You cannot make any of these tasks too many times. The more you enjoy your body while practicing, the bigger the positive influence is on you”.

Level 0: Body Activation Course for Beginning Pianists Includes:

Lifetime Access to the Lessons

In any computer, just log in to the members area with your username and password. You can watch the lessons as many times as you like to get all the knowledge.

Membership to the Level 0 Learning Group

You can make friends with other piano lovers, who are also adult beginners. Share your experience and get feedback and a lot of support from other students like you.

Written Support When You Have Course Related Questions

You can always ask questions directly from Jaak and he will answer. You can communicate with Jaak through email, video comments and course discussion board*.

*Remember to use @jaak mention in your comments/posts because then Jaak will be notified and you will get your answer quicker.

Acknowledgement for Your Accomplishments

After successfully completing this course you will be rewarded: … Read more