Level 1 Piano Piece: Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven

In the “Ode to Joy” course many skills that you already practised in the technique Level 1 course will find its use in musical expression. In addition to be able to play this piece, you will learn about finger positions on the keyboard, how to play double notes with left hand, how to move rhythmically and much more.

12 Lessons

Before you start the course, I suggest to listen to the music that you will be involved with while you learn this very famous tune. The music is a miraculous and and absolute masterpiece of a genius, Ludwig van Beethoven. Please imagine as clearly as possible, how would playing it on the piano feel, while you are listening. You can listen to it here:

Level 1 Piano Piece: Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven:

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Lesson 1 - Preparatory Course

Lesson 2 - Section 1 Right Hand

Lesson 3 - Learning Section 2

Lesson 4 - Section 3 Right Hand

Lesson 5 - Section 4 Right Hand

Lesson 6 - Whole Piece Right Hand

Lesson 7 - Left Hand

Lesson 8 - Hands Together - Section 1

Lesson 9 - Hands Together - Section 2

Lesson 10 - Hands Together - Section 3

Lesson 11 - Hands Together - Section 4

Lesson 12 - Whole Piece Hands Together