Month 2 – Beginner Classical Piano

Month 2/12 (lessons 9-16). Continue your piano studies and start the 11 Month Follow-Up Course. The first piano piece you will start learning is Menuet in G Major by J. S.Bach/C.Petzold.

8 Lessons

At the end of the FULL ONE YEAR PROGRAM you will be able to confidently master any new classical piano piece on your own. The regular monthly price is $38 and you can pay with PayPal, credit cards or Credits ( currency).

During the 11 Month Follow-Up Course You Will Learn 7 Classical Piano Pieces:
1) J. S.Bach/C.Petzold – Menuet in G Major
2) P. Tchaikovsky – “Old French Song”
3) S. Prokofiev – “Morning” from “Music for Children”
4) J. Haydn – Menuet in F Major
5) J.S. Bach – Prelude in C Major WTC I
6) J. Sikk – “Variations”
7) L. van Beethoven – “Für Elise”

Read detailed information about the follow-up course here.

Month 2 of Beginner Classical Piano Includes:

Lifetime Access to Lessons 9-16

In any computer, just log in to the members area with your username and password. You can watch the lessons as many times as you like to get all the knowledge.

Membership to the Month 2 Learning Group

You can make friends with other piano lovers, who are also adult beginners. Share your experience and get feedback and a lot of support from other students like you.

Written Support When You Have Course Related Questions

You can always ask questions directly from Jaak and he will answer. You can communicate with Jaak through email, video comments and course discussion board**.

    **Remember to use @jaak mention in your comments/posts because then Jaak will be notified and you will get your answer quicker.

Your Own Private Online Piano Teacher for Just $10 a Month – Special Offer!

Take your learning quality even further by exchanging videos with Jaak. This means that you have a real teacher who responds with meaningful and detailed videos individually designed for you. In addition to pieces you learn in the online courses, you can send any of the pieces you play to get feedback***.

    ***The video responses will be posted to a hidden private forum accessible only to other subscribers. You can post your videos to the same forum or send them privately to Jaak. Access costs Month 2 members $10/month (regular price $25/month).

Acknowledgement for Your Accomplishments

After successfully completing this course you will be rewarded: … Read more

    *The certificate is optional and will be awarded after completing the full 1 year course and submitting video(s) of you playing piano piece(s) you learned in the course.
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