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    Dennis Dooley


    I have been considering acquiring a video camera to record myself while practicing. I currently use a Panasonic DMC-F5 digital camera and to obtain a good sound quality I use a Zoom H2n recorder. It is quite onerous to synchronize video and audio this way.

    In my research I am finding there are dozens of video cameras each claiming to be the best.

    The sound quality is important to me so I can clearly hear the tone and the dynamics of my playing.

    Does anyone use a video camera they are satisfied with and can recommend — or not recommend ?




    Hi Dennis, I’m not sure there is a cost effective way of getting both the audio and video quality we want from a single unit. I am currently working on integrating both a new mixer and a 24 track digital recorder into my studio and need to learn a lot more about sync and clocks myself.

    This guy has some suggestions I will look into shortly;


    I was also checking out these Tascam units before I got my MX-2424s;


    If you have a decent DSLR I think this would be perfect for recording an acoustic piano. So far I have recorded all my music with the Tascam DR-05 straight from the mixer tape outs in stereo. But the DR-70D gives you 4 channels and if you pick up a couple good mid level mics, you should be able to get a pretty good mix.

    Let me know what solution you come up with.



    Dennis Dooley

    Thanks, Ken.

    I will check out your links. We’re off to Va ld’Or for afew days so when I get back I will follow up on this.


    Dennis Dooley

    Hi Ken,

    I read both your links. The first one on using Audacity is particularly interesting. I will try that out today.

    Before leaving on holidays I received good information from SonatainfSharp on Piano World Forum. This person provided a good lead on synchronizing video and audio using Windows Movie Maker. I discovered there is an option where I can display the waveform of the audio captured by the camera.

    Making a clapping sound at the beginning causes a peak in the video’s audio waveform which I can then match to the peak in the separate audio waveform that I have added to Movie Maker. Once they are lined up I simply mute the video’s audio and decide on the start point and end point of the video.

    There is some fidgeting around to get the peaks lined up, but this is way easier than doing it visually as I was doing before.

    I will try with Audacity using the instructions in your linlk to see how it compares.

    Thanks again for these links, Ken. This is great information for anyone who wants to record theselves and who are not very tech savvy… like me. 😀

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