Get Individual Help and Feedback

from your teacher Jaak Sikk, MA

On everyone has access to learning with an online professional pianist. There are two types of access – simple and exclusive members only access.

Simple Access
via email, discussion boards, comments etc.

Simple access includes forums replies and exchanging e-mails with your piano teacher but no video responses. It means that you can send your questions and videos to piano teacher to get personal feedback. You can ask questions about the piano pieces that are taught in piano courses. Written help is always free to everyone. The response might take some time (max 5, usually 1-3 days).

Exclusive Access
via Personal Feedback forum

Exclusive members only access means that you will have your own real online teacher who is present all the time and helps you with any piano and music related question you might have. The answers to you will be posted on the forum and they are thorough and include both – videos and e-mails. In videos every detail can be well seen and you can watch videos for an infinite amount of times. Personalized video answers have proved themselves very efficient. Response time to you is quick (max 3, usually 1-2 days) and tutoring takes place as a dialogue between you and your teacher. As a member of the exclusive forum you can ask questions about any piece or music you play (even the ones that are not taught in the piano courses).

How to Get Access to the Exclusive Personal Feedback forum?

There are three options:

30-Days Free Trial

Join Beginner Classical Piano free basics course (month 1) and get free access for 30 days (total value $25)

Regular Price $25/month*

Become a member of the Personal Feedback forum for $25 a month (no need to join a course)

Discount Price $10/month*

Special offer - conditions apply**

Join Beginner Classical Piano follow-up course (month 2) and get access for a discount price of $10 a month

*This is a recurring payment and you will be billed on a month to month basis. Pay with PayPal or using your credit or debit card. You can cancel your membership at any time.
**Membership to month 2 costs $38.