If you like ragtime and you have some favourite ragtime composers or pianists, we share a common interest.

Have you ever played any ragtime pieces? Would you like to share some ragtime scores? Do you follow the latest ragtime festivals , news on performances or ragtime piano players..?

I’d like to meet ragtime fans, as in my country this genre is rarely known and much less followed. In fact even piano teachers here do not seem to know much about it. Why not a little ragtime? Why were Joplin and other great ragtime composers’ works apparently treated like second-rate music not to be included in classical pianists’ repertoire? Some theories support the spread idea that this musical style was outrated due to its origins and made popular by Afroamerican composers, mainly in cheap bars and saloons in the USA.

As I have always liked jazz, I also find ragtime very interesting for its amusing and cheerful quality, although there are other interesting and subtle subgenres such as ragtime waltzes, ballads ..etc Most ragtime compositions are quite fast and you need to have advanced skills to be able to play them but you can find intermediate level ragtime versions to start with.

I hope you find this group useful.



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