How It Works

guide to visitors and members is a social networking site for people who are passionate about music and learning piano. As a new visitor here you might want to know ‘how to start’ or when already a member you need additional information.

In general is divided into two directions that are combined: communication and learning piano. It is up to you whether you want to go straight to learning or you would first like to start building your profile to be visible to other piano students. Both ways work well.

To make it even more natural for you, tips pop up during your first visits to give you helpful directions.

Learn Piano Socially - Be a Part of Our Amazing Social Learning Community

Below you will find a list with thorough explanations to make it easy for you to enjoy all the possibilities offers. Just click on the topic you are interested in to read more about it.

Piano Courses

Collaborative learning has many benefits over learning alone – you do not have to be a lonely learner any more! Find a suitable piano course and get personal study help from a real online teacher. Your fellow piano students are ready to support you and share the learning process. In addition you earn achievements (points, credits, badges and certificates) for successfully completing piano courses.

The main piano course on at the moment  is the in-depth one year online course called Beginner Classical Piano (created in 2011-2012). It lasts for 12 months and is very thorough. Click here to read what people are saying about the course.

In development is another course series where you go through piano technique levels called Level 0, Level 1, Level 2 and so on. Every level gives you a selection of piano pieces to learn. More information coming soon.

Click here to see all the piano courses.


Prove yourself and others that you can make it! Collect skill points and credits, earn badges that will be seen by other students and get certificates for completed courses. All the achievement types are explained in detail below.


Certificates are course specific and prove that you have completed a course. They confirm your success and accomplishments, help to build your identity as a person who does not give in. Some certificates may require you to send a video of you playing a certain piano piece to your online teacher. The exact conditions are on the main page of every course.


You earn points for completed piano courses only. It means that these points reflect the experience and skill level you have in playing the piano. The main page of every course shows you exactly how many points you get after completing a course. Because some of the material is accessible only with a certain amount of points you can use points to get exclusive content. Check how many points you currently have on your profile header. Other people can see your points too.


You earn credits (1 credit = $1) for social activities (e.g. building your social network, being active on the forums) and completing piano courses. The main page of every course shows you exactly how many credits you get after completing a course. Use credits to buy piano courses and tickets to webinars. You can choose credits as your payment method at the checkout. Your current credit balance is viewable under the “Profile” tab and on your profile header. “Credits History” tab shows you all the credits you have received and transactions you have made. Other people cannot see your credit balance or history.


You earn badges for social activities (e.g. building your social network, being active on the forums) and completing piano courses. Badges can also be awarded for making exceptional contributions to develop and grow Every time you earn a badge you will get a pop-up notification. You can view all your badges on the left under My Achievements. They are categorized into three sections: Learning Achievements, Social Activities and Special Awards. Badges will be seen by other students.


In groups you can find like-minded people, students who follow the same course as you and make friends. Groups can be public, private or hidden. There are different types of groups:

Course groups with a forum: tied to certain piano course and function as a learning group for this particular course.

Member created groups: you can create groups yourself to give rise to research and discussion on your favorite subject. Gather people who share your specific interest into a group to discuss, share and communicate. You can decide if you want to add a forum or not. created groups: at the moment there is only one created group called Piano Related Discussions. It is a public group with a forum for everyone who wants to discuss general piano related subjects.


What are your obstacles and favourite subjects in piano playing? There are many others who are open to discussion and finding solutions together. You can do that best in the different forums on Forums are usually tied to groups. One exception to this is the Personal Feedback Forum which is a stand-alone forum for people who want to get personal video feedback to their piano playing.

Personal Feedback

We have a hidden forum called Personal Feedback where you can post your recordings of the pieces that you learn during a course (and also independently) to get personal tips and feedback. This info will be most accurate because it is about your unique person. It will be very exciting to all of us when all students upload their videos (for example to Youtube or Vimeo) and share the links. This is a hidden private forum and only members of this group can view your videos. We can all comment, help, motivate and inspire each other. This will give a great boost to the learning process. It is always possible to communicate videos privately with your teacher if you prefer it that way.


People with similar interest want to interact with you. Build your profile to help them find you. You can edit your profile information, add a cover image and profile photo under the “Profile” tab.


Every group has its own wall and every member has a personal wall.

Group wall posts are the fastest way to deliver a message and it will reach all the group members. Learning achievements of piano students will be automatically posted on the wall of the corresponding piano course group.

Under your profile you have a personal wall that has three sections: Wall, News Feed and My Likes.

Wall: you can post updates on your wall and also write on others’ walls. You decide who sees your posts by choosing the privacy settings to: everyone, your friends and logged in users.

News feed: check out what your friends are posting on their walls and which piano courses they are taking and their achievements. In addition it is easy to be up-to-date with what is happening in your groups, because all the messages that get posted to a group’s wall are visible in your news feed.

My likes: shows everything you have liked on

Site-Wide Activity

When you log in to you will be redirected to the site-wide activity stream and you can see everything that has happened while you were gone.


Friends will see you progressing, acknowledge your achievements and share your journey, experiences and ideas. There are so many piano lovers all over the world who could be your true friends. You can add friends under Members and on the personal profile page of every member.


Send private and public messages to members. The Send button is on the profile header of each member. For friends it is visible right away, for others it is hidden behind 3 dots. Private messages go to the person’s inbox (under “Messages” tab) and public messages appear on the Site-Wide Activity page.


You get a notification when something relevant happens on the site or someone mentions you or likes a post. If you want to make sure a certain person sees your forum reply or update then always use @-mention (for example @jaak) and a notification will be sent to him/her.