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    - "@jaak Hello Jaak, About “Fur Elise”: You mention again and again that we have to find out the fingering and the movements ourself to practice those subjects and I fully agree. But the downloadable sheet music of […]"View

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    - "Saying out plans for the year 2018 might help to accomplish them. I will share some music related of mine. 1) Record the whole book of studies by Stephen Heller 2) Establish a new format for YouTube videos 3) […]"View

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    - "@dennisdooley Thanks Dennis. While everything outside is covered in ash and the sun has turned an angry shade of red, we nevertheless are safe and sound. Some friends were evacuated down closer to Los Angeles […]"View

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    - "@jaak Hi Jaak, I’m looking forward to learning everything that you offer about piano and enjoy your videos on positive thinking and other psychological aspects of learning."View

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