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  • Hey Dennis,

    Thanks again for listening and I really appreciate the feedback. I personally find it difficult to judge my own music so hearing external viewpoints is important to me. I hope I can find a small audience in time but I realize the music I make is far from mainstream.

    Thanks also for the comments on my photography. I miss my large…[Read more]

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  • BTW, Great video, beautiful music, beautiful words, beautiful recollection of a different time in my life.

    Brought tears to an old man’s eyes.


  • Hi Dennis,

    Sorry for the delay, I use to get notified if someone inquired about me but apparently not any more. I even had a friend request I missed. Can’t have that. I need all the friends I can find.

    Anyway, I’m still hanging in, more or less.

    I couldn’t agree more with your admiration of Paul’s guitar genius. We seem to have a lot of similar…[Read more]

  • @Ongaku

    Hi Ken,

    Hope thngs are going well where you are after a “rock ‘n roll” year. Here in Quebec things are good, but it seems like winter will never end.

    I came across this video of Paul Simon doing some serious guitar picking and I thought of you as you had mentioned an interest in perhaps taking up guitar.

    I have always been a huge fan…[Read more]

  • Well done Dennis, very well done!

    Merry Christmas,

  • Thanks Jaak,

    The physical issues have been both a benefit and a curse. If nothing else, it has forced me to pay attention to what is important and what is not.

    There is certainly truth to the statement “mind over body”. When I can find “that space” while playing, it can override the pain and I find myself playing longer, sounding better and…[Read more]

  • I understand completely. Actually it feels more the opposite for me – I can usually get my left hand running on auto with a broken chord of some kind. (I, III, V, Octave or similar)

    But finding right hand melodies is more of a chore for me.

    Reading Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery” provided the spark that started my first attempts to create my…[Read more]

  • Sounds like a plan to me. It’s all about emotion, passion and getting the message delivered.

    Lofty goals and purposes to work towards.


  • Ongaku started the topic Piano Seat in the forum Instruments 1 year, 11 months ago

    My chronic back issues continue to be my biggest obstacle to spending time at the keyboard.

    I have tried 3 different “bench type” seats over the past year and adopted wearing an elastic back brace when I play.

    A couple months ago I ordered a Roc-n-Soc drum throne along with the optional back rest and guitar…[Read more]

  • Hi Dennis, I’m curious, have you had any joy or successes playing your own music?

    Maybe even something like “variations on a theme”?


  • Congratulations Dennis. Sounds like you are breaking into new levels of understanding with regard to your music.


  • @dennisdooley Thanks Dennis. While everything outside is covered in ash and the sun has turned an angry shade of red, we nevertheless are safe and sound. Some friends were evacuated down closer to Los Angeles but all turned out ok for them as well.

    We really need an honest discussion on climate change and start working on solutions instead of…[Read more]

    • Hi Ken,

      Then so far so good. That is good news. Let’s hope things stay that way. You are so correct about the need for a serious debate on climate change and working on solutions — while there is still time.


    • How are things in California these days? Since the cold air mass has hit the Eastern coast we don’t hear of the California fires. Are they sitll burnng? The damage that they caused is probably hard to even imagine.
      It was -35 this morning (-31F) — probably a new record.



      • I guess the fires are mostly out after a long battle. I live in the desert where it’s flat with nothing much to burn. I consider myself fortunate whenever I see what goes on in the hills and mountains around me. The drawback here is the summer heat @ 120F, but hey you know… it’s a dry heat ;). I grew up in New England and -5F was the coldest I…[Read more]

        • Whatever the wind chill factor, it is very cold. But somehow you get used to it… provided you dress for it.
          120F is hard fro me to imagine. We get 95F during a heat wave and I find that hard to support. However, as you indicate, a dry heat is probably easier to support. Around here it is the humid heat that is harder to endure. 🙂

  • Thanks Guys,

    Hearing that people find my music interesting makes me smile. Hearing musicians comment positively about my music keeps me motivated.

    Thank you.

    Dennis, now that I have made my music public on YouTube We’ll see if it has any common appeal. You have my permission to share. 😉

    Jaak, If the definition of improvisation is “creation…[Read more]

  • Hi Jaak,

    I still owe you a reply to your last email. I have been remiss.

    Thanks for your thoughts as always. I just uploaded the new video and posted it to the Meanderings thread here.

    I have pretty much decided to try the guitar lessons. Like you said, it can’t hurt and I have to start using all these instruments I’ve put together over the…[Read more]

  • Hello all,

    So here is another of my Meanderings. This one I titled after a quote from Arthur C. Clarke’s novel “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Like a lot of my music, I take a simple musical phrase and then drive it into the ground. 🙂

    Comments welcome,


  • I agree on all points. In the end I will get where I need to go. I have the time now so I just need to put it to good use.

    BTW, I finished my third music video this morning at about 3:00 AM. Funny how all of my music production ends up happening in the wee hours.

    I’ll post to my YouTube channel shortly.

    Keep making music!

    Talk soon.


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    Science fiction notwithstanding, it appears we have quite a bit in common.

    This local group does have a website. (Certain Sparks in Lompoc) Their intro lessons seem reasonable and a 4-5 lesson package should be enough to determine if they move me in the right direction. I’ll let you know what I find out.

    I agree completely with your views on…[Read more]

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