• Ongaku wrote on Dennis Dooley's Wall 1 year, 5 months ago

    @dennisdooley Thanks Dennis. While everything outside is covered in ash and the sun has turned an angry shade of red, we nevertheless are safe and sound. Some friends were evacuated down closer to Los Angeles but all turned out ok for them as well.

    We really need an honest discussion on climate change and start working on solutions instead of mindless debate.


    • Hi Ken,

      Then so far so good. That is good news. Let’s hope things stay that way. You are so correct about the need for a serious debate on climate change and working on solutions — while there is still time.


    • How are things in California these days? Since the cold air mass has hit the Eastern coast we don’t hear of the California fires. Are they sitll burnng? The damage that they caused is probably hard to even imagine.
      It was -35 this morning (-31F) — probably a new record.



      • I guess the fires are mostly out after a long battle. I live in the desert where it’s flat with nothing much to burn. I consider myself fortunate whenever I see what goes on in the hills and mountains around me. The drawback here is the summer heat @ 120F, but hey you know… it’s a dry heat ;). I grew up in New England and -5F was the coldest I ever experienced, so what does that make the wind chill factor? -100F Burrrrrrrrrrr…

        • Whatever the wind chill factor, it is very cold. But somehow you get used to it… provided you dress for it.
          120F is hard fro me to imagine. We get 95F during a heat wave and I find that hard to support. However, as you indicate, a dry heat is probably easier to support. Around here it is the humid heat that is harder to endure. 🙂