Piano Technique with Emiliano Petronilli, Comments by Jaak Sikk

Videos with comments for developing critical thinking and finding best ideas and points.

The aim of sharing this video is to nurture critical thinking to take what is excellent and leave out “gray zones”. Please read comments below and share your ideas.

There are good points to find. The idea of ‘giving one command from brain’ to depress the next finger and rise the currently playing one is great in my opinion. We have got one body, and different complex motions can be united into one coherent cognition. This principle can be used for playing both hands together or whatever activities.

Be careful with ‘dropping fingers’. It leaves unclear what it really means. I have explained the use of fingers (based on Richard Beauchamps concept, who is the teacher of Steven Osborne).

Be also careful with raising fingers before depressing a key. There are several factors that make playing more difficult when playing from above the keys with fingers. You bump against the key surface (due to that the touch of playing is altered), you can more easily miss keys. Also rising fifth to support raising fourth is a strange and dangerous thing. The more independent fingers are, the less tensions and complications you have while playing.