Simple Tricks to Develop Great Thumb Technique

Do you make the same mistakes with your thumb as most of piano players do? In this video simple tricks are introduced that can completely change your attitude and use when it comes to thumb technique.

The video is for every pianist who wants to improve playing with thumb. The purpose of the video is to give an overview of thumb playing technique and give solutions to the problems that most frequently appear in it.

1) Why Is Thumb So Important
2) Basic Attitude that Guarantees Success
3) Main Capabilities Your Thumb Should Have
4) How You Move Defines How You Sound
5) Problems of Physical Connection With Thumb
6) Psychological Reasons of Many Piano Playing Problems
7) Example 1 of Using Thumb
8) Example 2 of Using Thumb
9) Positioning In Playing with Thumb
10) Summary


  1. Luc Werniers

    Hi Jaak,
    Thank you for such an extensive dealing with this subject.
    Again, as always, your approach goes well beyond a technical treatment of the issue as it is put into a much wider perspective (musicality, psychology, brain functioning, practicality).
    I learned a lot!
    Best wishes,
    Luc, Belgium