Tip #1
Get started with piano.social. Click here to join your free piano course right now or update your profile information and photo on the left under My Profile to receive a surprise gift.

Tip #2
You earn credits (1 credit = $1) and other rewards for social activities and piano courses. Use credits to buy piano courses and tickets to webinars. You can check your current credit balance on the left under My Profile and on your profile header.

Tip #3
You earn points for completed piano courses only. These points reflect the experience and skill level you have in playing the piano. All the points you collect for lessons are awarded to you at the end of the course and show up on your profile page header.

Tip #4
In groups you can find like-minded people, students who follow the same course as you and make friends. You can create groups yourself to give rise to research and discussion on your favorite subject.

Tip #5
Wall posts are the fastest way to deliver a message. Group members can see the posts on the group’s wall and in their personal news feed. You can find your news feed, likes and your personal wall on the left under My Wall.

1 Required Step

  • Join piano.social